Facilities Infrastructure Services & Solutions

Our Management

Our Group is run by a small but professional team of managers whose broad knowledge and experience has aided in the continued growth of the company.  They are the mirror of a purpose-driven group of unique individuals equipped with the required education, training and expertise.  Each one has a passion for innovation and leadership that will guarantee Filcom's continued success well into the future.

 "Our Commitment to qualify is essential, therefore we abide by our principles"

  • ·          Delivering a prompt and efficient service that allows us to serve our clients satisfaction.
  • ·        Providing genuine and affordable active and passive network components that meet international standards and quality.
  • ·        Ensuring that our customer's feedbacks and concerns are handled professionally by the best and brightest team.
  • ·         Recognizing all clients, big or small, as valuable partner in the success of our business.
  • ·         Managing a team of well oriented individuals tailored to the customer's requirement.

We maintain our stature in the industry through the timely and reliable delivery of services that provide the highest value for our clients.  We aim for excellence in our profession and will foster unrivalled quality and integrity in our products and services.

Joland Mendoza Maderazo

Founder and Managing Director

As the Founder of Filcom Technologies, Joland is the leading figure in the management team.   With an acquired experience of more than 20 years in the IT industry Joland has travelled extensively  to such countries as USA, UK, China and Korea to seek out opportunities for integration as well as prospect for strong and cohesive cooperation with other technology group entities.

Joland provides Filcom with strategic leadership to ensure its future relevance, credibility and viability.  " Our company is deep into providing solutions.  Hence, our primary objective is to constantly develop and implement strategies to keep us abreast with the latest technology in a fast pace globally competitive environment.   Being the leader of the Team, Joland lives by the saying that            " Leadership is an action, not a position."

Editha Villanueva Maderazo

Managing Partner

Edith is the moving force behind Filcom having been in the field of accounting and administration management over the last 20 years.  She is primarily responsible for sustaining and improving operational systems, processes and procedures in support of the company's mission.  She plays a significant role in managing and increasing the effectiveness of parallel services (Finance HR and IT).  Edith has provided Filcom with core values that enrich the success of the company as well as its personnel.  " As part of the management team, my goal is to enhance coordination and communication between support and business functions.  I love working with my colleagues and I strive to be a positive influence to all of them. "