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Data Center/Server Room Solutions

We are the right people to deal with if you want to develop a secure and efficient server room can help your company move to overhaul or design a server room from scratch.  Our engineer involvement is from planning stage through implementation and maintenance.

Filcom server room planning & pre-design serve as the initial phase in the progression of the data center project process and data center lifecycle.  This approach leverages the first four phases of Filcom Data Center Project Process for successful planning leading into cohesive services which support client requirements.

All important factors in designing a server room are carefully taken into consideration : location, space design, scalable UPS and power distribution, approval from DEWA for additional power, Civil Defense approval for fire fighting unit like FM200, Cooling system and redundant precision AC unit for controlled temperature, security sytem, and access control unit.

Send us your requirements and will be able to quote you accordingly.

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