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Facilities Management

Facility or facilities management (FM) is a profession dedicated to supporting people. It ensures the functionality, comfort, safety, sustainability and efficiency of the built environment - the buildings we live and work in and their surrounding infrastructure.

Filcom is dedicated to provide services to maintain, enhance and extending the life of all assets, infrastructure, critical facilities with in the building and infrastructure. We also understand that every building or facility has different technical challenges and our expertise can address all these issues. Filcom protect the value of the property and minimize the operating costs and risks for the building owner or building Management Company or stakeholder.

Our primary focus is on maintaining, enhancing, and extending the life of critical assets and infrastructure within facilities. This protects the value of the property as well as minimizing operating costs and risks.

We understand that every business or facility has different challenges and our breadth of experience puts us in a unique position to anticipate and address those challenges as well as being able to leverage our scale and cross-sector knowledge. We are able to provide our MEP solutions (and other solutions) as a standalone service or as part of an Integrated FM offering.

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