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Infrastructure Building Maintenance

Building maintenance refers to activities performed to retain and restore the functionality of residential and commercial properties. It includes tasks such as cleaning, landscaping, Air conditioning, plumbing and electrical system maintenance. It aims to preserve a safe, functional, and comfortable environment for tenants at all times.

 “The quality of your company depends heavily on the quality of its maintenance effort: If you can’t satisfy a client and their tenants with effective repairs, you’ll lose their business. In other words, a property management company is only as good as its maintenance team.”

Building occupants expect property owners and managers to provide them with comfortable living and working environments. However, most individuals give little thought to the behind-the-scenes work required to meet these expectations.
Filcom Maintenance teams can offer a building owner or building management company routine inspection, repair, maintenance and replace equipment parts that keep assets running. On any given day and time, Filcom Teams can conduct Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) activities, repair works and emergency works to ensure continued operations.

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